Thursday, 14 June 2012

A busy morning at the Brush

Thursday 14 June
09:45    70019  was waiting at the gates to the Midland Mainline.

10:15    66702 "Blue Lightning" arrives on the Down Slow with 92032 crosses over and goes back into the Up Fast station platform.

10:28   66702+92032 go back north on the fast to eventually cross to the Up Slow. At the same time, 70019 was walked back into the Brush.

10:38   66702+92032 arrive on the Up Slow past the point that gains access to the Brush.

10:47   The pair enter the Brush.

11:15   Network Rail liveried 57310 moves towards the exit.

11:25  Visible across the field were 66702 depositing 92032, 70019 presumably waiting to leave, part of a Grand Central Class180 and Greater Anglia's 170270 still in "1" livery.

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